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At one point, I thought I might try blogging, but I don't have the discipline to keep it up regularly.  Instead, I've decided to use this page to post things I've written of a non-legal nature that may be of interest. 

I wrote my personal favorite on April 1, 2003 (no fooling), in the early stages of the Iraq invasion.  I wanted to write a memo stating all the reasons I opposed the war.  The idea was to be able to look back at my reasons later and judge them from the perspective of what ensued and, eventually, from the perspective of history.  The result was Thirteen Reasons Not to Invade Iraq.  Only reason no. 4 appears to have been overruled by history, as I edit this page in 2008, and that one was wrong only because the administration goofed on the WMD issue.   This list may give me more satisfaction than anything else I have written.

I am also proud of a recent project (begun January, 2008),  Massacre Page.  It is an opinionated account of famous massacres in history, and it shows that all races and cultures are GUILTY.   As is apparent, it is a work in progress.

A Republican friend once complained about "name-calling" by liberals, especially alleged smears claiming that Pres. Bush is a "fascist."  I seem to remember that fascism has something to do with strong central government run by corporate interests and relying on vulgar nationalism for popular support.  The reference to fascism called to mind my very first published article, way back in 1972, in a mag called The Alternative, which later morphed into The American Spectator.  The article was called "Nixon and/or Mussolini", and it more or less made the same charge against RMN.  The style is youthful and embarrassing at times, but I dug it up from the archives and reproduce it here unedited, including even my perceptive comment that Mr. Nixon was "a decent man and hardly the reckless and ruthless egomaniac that Mussolini was." Remember, I wrote that in May of 1972.      

October, 2002
Here is an article I wrote, The Case of Johnny Jihad , that was published in the October, 2002 edition of Liberty Magazine .  This article earned me the distinction from one unhappy blogger as "the worst of the writers to appear in Liberty's pages after September 11".  At least he mentioned my name.

Check out my partner's resemblance to a certain MSNBC newschick:

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